The Organizations

Riverways is made up of organizations in Philadelphia and Camden that provide programs for, support to and education about our local rivers and watershed.

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Bartram's Garden

Bartram’s Garden is a 45-acre National Historic Landmark, operated by the John Bartram Association in cooperation with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. It is a destination and an outdoor classroom, living laboratory, and membership organization for ever-expanding audiences―over 50,000 each year and counting.

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Center for Aquatic Sciences

The Center for Aquatic Sciences was founded in 1989 and has since been advancing the understanding of and concern for aquatic animals and their habitats. The Center’s mission is: “education and youth development through promoting the understanding, appreciation and protection of aquatic life and habitats.” In performing this mission, the Center strives to be a responsible member of the community, assisting in its economic and social redevelopment by providing opportunities for education, enrichment and employment.

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Glen Foerd on the Delaware

The Glen Foerd on the Delaware is an 18-acre riverfront historic estate operated by Glen Foerd Conservation Corporation in cooperation with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. Glen Foerd Conservation Corporation preserves and enhances the historic Glen Foerd estate for our community and offers experiences that foster creativity, innovation, and an appreciation of the natural world.

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Independence Seaport Museum

Independence Seaport Museum deepens the understanding, appreciation and experience of the Philadelphia region’s waterways. We connect our community and visitors to our rivers and watershed through exhibitions and programs featuring history, science and art, plus experiences on the water.

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Philadelphia Waterborne

Philadelphia Waterborne is a program in Engaged Learning, rooted in the core belief that students learn best by doing, especially when that doing is made relevant — constructively, practically, historically, culturally — to their cultural environment and to their daily lives.

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UrbanPromise’s mission is to equip Camden’s children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and Christian leadership.

LandHealth Institute

LandHealth Institute is a nonprofit based in the West Parkside neighborhood of Philadelphia with a mission to restore connections between nature and people. We focus on exploration, immersive at-the-source environmental education, and community-based land revitalization. LandHealth builds environmental awareness and appreciation while enhancing the environmental, social, and economic vitality of the city.

LandHealth’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that healthy land is at the root of healthy communities. Our methodology is to plant seeds of discovery, knowledge, and stewardship. Rooted in robust community engagement, we elicit a deeper understanding of community ecology as a basis for holistic planning and sustainable design.