Blog: Celebrating the Delaware River: Riverways’ Fun-filled Day at the Delaware River Festival

Picture this: a sunny day by the Delaware River, families laughing and enjoying the great outdoors. That's what the Delaware River Festival is all about - celebrating our local waterways and their importance. We were one of the presenters at the festival. Our goal was simple: inspire and educate everyone, especially the young ones, about why we need to protect this awesome resource. So, here's a sneak peek into our day at the festival, and how we rocked it!

Getting Artsy with Zooplankton and Saving Water


Our booth was buzzing with excitement. Kids and adults gathered to explore the tiny world of zooplankton while also picking up some water-saving tips. Zooplankton might be small, but they’re a big deal in our river’s ecosystem. To get the little ones interested, we handed out zooplankton coloring pages. Coloring and learning – now that’s a combo! We also snuck in some wisdom about water conservation. Our water conservation activity books were a hit with the kids. They were full of games and puzzles that taught them how to cherish water, one drop at a time. Small actions, big impacts, right?


Kid Scientists in Action: E. coli Bacteria Edition

Now, here’s where the real fun began. Kids got to play scientist for a day. Armed with a pipette, they collected a tiny sample of water, plated it in a petri dish, and then watched the magic happen in the pretend incubator. What were they growing? E. coli bacteria! It was a hands-on lesson in water quality monitoring. The kids were beaming, and who knows, we might have ignited a spark in the next generation of environmental scientists.

Speak Up for Healthy Rivers

We didn’t stop at science experiments and coloring pages. We also gave the kids a chance to become environmental advocates. We had them sign a petition that boldly declared, “We, the youth of Philadelphia and Camden, think we deserve healthy rivers where we can paddle and play.” Their signatures were like superpowers – a step toward cleaner, healthier rivers. And we made sure they knew the power of using their voices for the environment.

Changing the Long Game: Water Quality Monitoring Program


For the adults, we had some serious talk about our water quality monitoring program. This isn’t just a one-day thing; it’s our long-term commitment. We’re all about making sure everyone has safe and healthy access to our water. By collecting data on bacterial pollution, we’re shining a spotlight on the problem. Bacteria don’t play nice with boating and swimming, you see. Our goal is to protect both the environment and us humans by pushing for the right actions.


Our day at the Delaware River Festival was a blast, thanks to all the families, kids, and grown-ups who joined in the fun. Riverways is all about connecting communities with their local waterways, and this event couldn’t have been a better match. We sparked curiosity in young minds, preached the gospel of water conservation, showed the ropes of water quality monitoring, and turned kids into advocates for healthy rivers. Together, we’re building a brighter, more sustainable future for the Philadelphia-Camden region, ensuring that our rivers keep flowing for generations to come. Cheers to cleaner waters and more river adventures! 🌊🚣‍♂️🌿